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Business Experience

US Business Brokers have sold many businesses across several industries.  We have direct employment or ownership experience in manufacturing, machining, fabrication, distribution, construction, and more, but we represent business owners from most any industry.  With over 30 years of sales and marketing experience, 20 years in business ownership and 10 years in specifically selling businesses, you can trust that we will represent you well.  Whether your business is B2B or B2C, is a brick and mortar or an online business, an independent business or a franchise, we can help you sell it.  Every business owner gets to the point that they want to sell their business, whether it's time to retire or focus on another venture.  


One of the biggest concerns a business owner has is having their customers, vendors or employees finding out the business is for sale.  The employees may quit.  Customers may look for another business to buy from.  Vendors may want to watch their credit lines.  We understand that and go out of our way to keep everything confidential.  

Fair & Affordable

Unlike some business brokers, we do not charge any upfront fees.  We believe in our ability to sell your business and are willing to take the risks to package, market, and and sell your business.  Therefore, we provide the business valuation and prepare the marketing information without cost.  Because of this, we are a particular about who we work with and will discuss with each business owner to create a reasonable expectation.  We only get paid if we successfully your business so we will do everything possible to accomplish that goal.